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“BAM!” PRAYERS - Crying Out to God for Life Issues

Psalm 34:17 "The Righteous Cry, and the Lord Hears
and Delivers Them Out of All Their Troubles." (NASB)

I am a fan of watching the Chef Emeril Lagasse. I love it when he adds an ingredient and then in excitement tells us to take it up a notch and uses the word “Bam!” Well, this is “Bam” Praying, taking prayer up a notch. 

There are times in your life when all you can do is pray.  I wanted to share with you some specific prayers you can use during these times. 

Crying Out for Your Marriage

Oh God, today I come to You on behalf of my Marriage. There are problems I cannot solve. There are issues for which I have no answers. There are personality differences that at times, I don’t know how to manage. There are financial issues that seem insurmountable. There are mistakes and failures that have been my fault that I want to learn from and get beyond. 

Lord, I cry out to You to save my marriage, protect my marriage and bring healing to my marriage. Heal the hurtful memories. Redeem the time we have wasted in anger or un-forgiveness, in hurtful words and vengeful acts. 

As I obey You, please use me to take the initiative to bring joy and peace to my marriage. 

God please transform my marriage and begin by transforming my own attitudes, words and actions toward my marriage partner. Help me to always ask, “What can I do to serve my husband/wife and make him/her happy?” 

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Crying Out for Your Children

Oh God, today I come to You on behalf of my child. I am crying out for Your hedge of protection around his/her mind, soul, spirit and body. 

I cry out for You to protect him/her from evil influences that would lead him/her astray. 

I cry out for his or her salvation. 

I cry out for him/her to be a serious follower of You, not just in name only. 

I cry out against anyone who would attempt to lead him/her astray in their faith.

I cry out for his/her marriage mate. That You will orchestrate him/her meeting and falling in love with the person You have for him/her to marry, and that they will commit to each other for life. 

I cry out for his/her sexual purity. That he/she will not compromise morally, and that pornography will not be in their lives. 

I cry out that You will guide each and every step he/she takes, and that he/she will be a strong influence for You. 

God, please let my child fall in love with Your Word and see the world through the lens of Your Word. 

Lord, if my child rebels against You, I pray a hedge of thorns around him/her that everywhere he/she goes they will realize how much better it is to be in the center of Your will, and that he/she will experience painful reminders to come back to You. 

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Crying Out to Break a Stronghold (Sin Habit)

Oh God, today I am crying out to You, and I am bringing my stronghold, my sin habit, the sin that so easily besets me to You. 

I confess to You that I feel it has power over me, but I know it does not have power over You. 

I confess to You that this stronghold often overcomes me. 

I acknowledge that I tend to give into this temptation and have failed to fight back using Your strength to overcome. 

I am crying out for a breakthrough, for deliverance, for freedom from this stronghold that so often entangles me. 

Lord Jesus, I acknowledge this stronghold. I turn from it. I cry out for Your forgiveness, and I trust Your Word that You will forgive me and set me free. I plead the Blood of Jesus over this stronghold and ask in Jesus’ name, for Your bondage-breaking power. Help me to experience Your resurrection power over this stronghold. 

I stand on the promises of Your Word confessing, “Greater is He Who is in me than he who is in the world.” I confess Your promise that “with God all things are possible” and “nothing is too difficult for You.” 

I refuse to give this stronghold one more moment of control in my life.  

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Crying Out in an Impossible Circumstance

Lord, today I am crying out to You concerning a situation or circumstance, and it is beyond my ability to know what to do next. Each way I turn, there seems to be an obstacle. 

First, I would ask that You would give me wisdom to know how to deal with this circumstance. 

Help me God to immediately turn this over to You and begin looking for how You are going to use this for Your glory and for my good and growth. 

Please use this circumstance to bring people, opportunities and influence into my life that I would have otherwise missed. 

Help me to choose to thank You in this circumstance, not because I’m happy it happened but because of how You will use this in my life. 

I confess there is no problem, situation or circumstance that You cannot work out and work through. 

I trust You with this situation, and today I will begin looking for how You will use it. 

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Crying Out for a Miracle

Oh God, today I am crying out for a miracle from You. I need a divine intervention in my life for ________________________. 

I know that You have all power, so You can even create an answer to this issue. 

I know that You are everywhere present, so I know You are with me; and I know You are also with those people and things that You will use to bring a miracle. 

I know You are all knowing, so You alone know exactly what is needed, what to do, when to do it and how to do it. 

I confess to You that regardless whether I receive a miracle or not (or possibly even something better), I trust You. I trust that You are in control and that everything that comes to me has first passed through Your loving, “all things work together for the good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose” umbrella. 

God, I cry out for deliverance, peace, joy and a clear path forward. 

God, I don’t know how You will perform this miracle. All I know is that I trust in You, and I know that I know that I know that You will answer in Your perfect timing—not one moment too soon or one moment too late. 

Lord, do something in me and around me that is so obvious that I and everyone around me will know that it was You Who did it. 

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.