1. We will support our own members going to the field as a first priority.
  2. We will make sure our own current missionaries /partnerships financial needs are met prior to adding new missionaries/partnerships to support.
  3. Recognizing that nationals sharing the gospel within their own people group have a distinct advantage, we will give priority to the support of national missionaries prior to giving to expatriate missionaries.
  4. We will give priority to support missionary activity to people groups where there is the greatest population and the least amount of missionary activity.
  5. We will continue to encourage and provide financial support for short term mission trips according to our mission policy statement. This will continue to be provided by the “general mission fund” unless it’s changed by the committee.
  6. We will consider requests for one time gifts provided it meets the requirements of our mission purpose.
  7. We will continue to support local missions provided they meet the requirements of our mission purpose.
  8. We will continue to fund and support a mission conference.