In today’s culture where millions of men are trying to recover from the economic downturn, financial problems, shattered dreams and family issues, a strong word of encouragement is needed. Join us on Wednesday at 6:30pm in the NOW Center.



It’s Been Called the Bubonic Plague! Pornography.  It threatens marriages, homes, and the church. It is the number one issue facing Christian men. As a result, Pastor Jay Dennis developed extensive resources to educate leadership on how to forthrightly, but compassionately, address the issues of pornography. Using One Million Men Porn Free materials, leadership can facilitate a study program that will take men through the steps to freedom, and teach men how to help a Christian brother, or even their son.



What began as a four-person step of faith has grown into a team of many dedicated believers committed to the cause of Christ and to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with their motorcycles to any who will listen.  The ministry has expanded to 36 churches across Florida and 193 churches throughout the United States.