Study Apologetics Online - Southern Evangelical Seminary

It is an exciting time as Church at the Mall and SES partner together so that we can be better prepared to more effectively defend the faith and witness for our Savior. “Apologetics” is the defense of the Christian faith based on God’s Word. SES offers several levels of study including master’s and bachelor’s level courses and degrees, and a certificate from the Lay Institute. All of these can be done completely on line. 

Pastor Jay said: “We are living in a skeptical age when it comes to all things Bible, all things Jesus, and all things God. As a believer, and if you are a Christian parent, when it comes to your faith, you should be able to answer what you believe and why you believe it based upon the Word of God.” 

Dr. Richard Land, President of Southern Evangelical Seminary shares: “Let me just tell you, you can do this! My son-in-law, who works at a bank in Murfreesboro, TN, is graduating with his Master’s degree in Apologetics this spring.  He completed the two year degree in three years, at night, and took all his classes on-line.”



For information about bachelor and master’s courses and degrees, visit

For information about a certificate in Apologetics, visit the Lay Institute at

You can also contact the school directly by contacting, 704-847-5600, ext. 216 or, ext. 205.

As our partnership with SES continues, Church at the Mall plans to be more directly involved with offering courses.