Baire, Cuba

Day One

As the 24 hour, caffeine driven,TSA checked, and 18 suitcase packed traveling comes to an end, there is much to be taken away. The Cuban people are some of the most loving and caring people to come across. We were welcomed by a wonderful couple who greeted us with smiles as warm as the weather and a peace you receive like when you are reunited with family. Pastor Victor and the church has been such a support, with welcoming arms and a true servants’s heart. God is doing a might work in Cuba, and it is a honor to be the LORD’s hands and feet.

Day Two

There is a saying among the team, “We are not on American time, We are on Cuba time,” and today was no exception. Although for today, it was God’s timing we were put on schedule with. An all-day preparation of Trey Montanez and Theo Alexander lesson was meet with rainstorm as the team approached the campsite. But the rain did not stop the spirit of playfulness that abounded throughout the camp. With what many would accept as a defeat, was in fact turned into an opportunity for family, fellowship, and slippery soccer matches. Despite the change of planes the rainstorm was an an absolute blessing because it allowed the people to laugh and for the team to serve in ways that would not have been possible to do before.

Day Three

As tonight’s festivities fad further into the night, the team takes their daily last moments to reflect on the day. Reagan Ames sought to point out the team’s constant devotion to help the community out and was deeply impressed with how well his lesson went with the children. Trey Montanez loved every moment of the day as the LORD presented him with many opportunities to speak in Spanish, which blessed him and his girlfriend Alex, with a copious amount of children to be an influence on. Without a drop of rain in the sky, the team and the church came together for a competitive game of baseball and refreshing matches of water ballon fights God’s love is imprinted on these people and it is easy to speak for the team, to say that we all are excited to come back next summer.

Day Four

As a bitter end comes to the marriage conference, both campers and the team spend every opportunity to make lasting memories to satisfy until next neat. Diane Montanez and her daughter Emily, wanted to give the church something they consider priceless, a family photo. More than 50 families gathered together to celebrate their time, their friendships, but most importantly, their love for one another with one last meal and endless laughter as they reflected on what they had learned. Family is one of the most important things in this world, and we should take every moment to be grateful for those who love us the most.