2019 Guatemala (Women's Trip)

Day One

We are so thankful for the opportunity to go to Guatemala and share the love of Jesus Christ! We are excited to share what God will do during our time in Guatemala.

Our trip began early Sunday morning with breakfast together as a team and and a worship service at the hotel. Our prayer that morning was for the Lord to go before us and that He would continue to bring unity within our team for the sake of the Gospel. We truly believe that the Lord answered that prayer!

Day Two

Today was our first day of ministry. For many of us on the team, this was the first time to Guatemala and we were both excited and nervous about what we would do. The Lord was gracious by calming our nerves and helping us settle into our ministry sites. By the end of the day, we had already fallen deeply in love with the little children and adults that we would be working with all week. Some of the ministry work included visiting the Oasis Center for abused women and girls, visiting the Malnutrition Center, and working with the children at the daycare.

Also this was a special day because we were given the opportunity to go into the homes of children who are sponsored through One More Child. For each village that we visited to see a child, we had to stop at the village gate and ask the elders for permission to come into the village. By God’s grace the Lord went before us and we were given permission to go into each and every village and make all of our visits! Praise be to the Lord for open doors and open gates for the Gospel!

Day Three

Day Four

Today was Sponsorship Day! Today our team had the special privilege to assist the Malnutrition Center with Sponsorship Day. This is the day when many of the sponsorship children and their families return once a month to the Malnutrition Center to receive their food baskets and medical care that they are in need of. For many on the team who have come to the center in years past, this is a day when we get to see some of the children who are now big, strong and healthy as a result of the Malnutrition Center. We also had teams visiting an Adult Daycare Center, an offsite daycare, and a school. While we had a few teams working in a few different places, we were all working toward one goal - to meet physical needs and share the good news of the Gospel!

Day Five

The Lord opened doors for the gospel to be proclaimed among the people in Guatemala! Our school evangelism team was given the rare opportunity to come into a public school and go classroom to classroom sharing the message of Jesus Christ. In an effort to build a strong relationship with the school, we asked the principal what project we could do for the school and he asked that we plant some trees for them. Our small team planted over 25 trees! Just as the seeds of the gospel were planted into the hearts of the children at the school, we planted the trees and we trust that the Lord will bring the growth in the years to come, both physically and spiritually. We also were given the privilege to pray over the principal. To God be the Glory!

Day Six

We are on our way home! The Lord not only blessed the lives of the children that we ministered to this week, but He also truly blessed our team and grew in our hearts this week as we served Him in Guatemala. We are so thankful to God for the gift and opportunity of going! We are thankful to be a part of the First Baptist Lakeland Family and are thankful that this church that is committed to going and sharing the Gospel among both our neighbors and the nations!