Puerto Rico

We made it!

The manly men have arrived in Puerto Rico ready to fix some roofs, make some friends, and share the Gospel! There were a few guys who had not been on a plane in a loooong time, but all is well! We have already had a sweet time (can we say “sweet” on a guys trip?) hearing the salvation stories of a few guys. We will head to worship at a brand new church plant, then have a free afternoon before we head to the worksites Monday morning! Please pray for the Holy Spirit do a work in our heart and theirs!!

Day 2 - April 7,2019

Today we worshiped in another language, but to familiar tunes! Sweet time in a new church that just opened its doors only 5 weeks ago by Pastor Felix and his wife. They were called back to Puerto Rico after the hurricane! Cool time with these passionate Christ followers! We took time to soak up the sun and sights! Miguel Reyes got a chance to see his brother for the first time in 4 years! Crazy cool! Here’s a cool story: 1.5 years ago, Cliff Wilkins was on the streets begging for food. Jesus saved him, and now 1.5 years later, Cliff jumped out of the van to give a hungry guy some food! Wow! God’s timing is perfect! It’s not always easy for a group of grown, ( ok, maybe almost grown men) to be vulnerable and transparent in front of each other, but this team is starting to gel! There is definitely some goofing off, but each night we get the privilege of hearing the stories of salvation of our team members. These guys love Jesus and people! Tomorrow we go to work in the community, fixing roofs, loving on people and sharing the story of salvation!

Day 3 - April 8, 2019

Today we tried to be the hands and feet of Jesus! We were up on 2 roofs doing some much needed repair work for families!

On one roof, we had to take off all of the tin and framing and rebuild it! While some team members worked on the roof, other members talked with neighbors to get to know them and let them know why we are here. A couple of our team members had a sweet conversation with a lady named Luz, and prayed over her and her family.

On the other team, we did have our first injury. Team leader Matt Nipper stepped on a nail and had to go to the hospital for treatment and a shot. Don’t worry Caroline and girls, he is just fine! Despite Matt’s prolonged visit to see a doctor, his team did a great job of finishing rebuilding the roof.

During the day, we talked and listened to people around the area we were working in. Some showed us videos they had shot after the hurricane, others asked us to pray over family and friends. It is a humbling experience to serve these people. They are a gracious and grateful people.

Day 4 - April 9

Today was a great day of serving and sharing with the people of Puerto Rico… and driving around PR!! It’s amazing at how close you can get to a car and not touch it! Pastor Steve is starting to enjoy PR driving a little too much! Anyway, we continue to make repairs and rebuild roofs! We shared some rice and cards with scripture and listened to people share their lives with us! We had the opportunity to pray for a man named Frank that was 93! We worked on a grandmothers house who is raising her 3 grandchildren. We patched edges of the roof to keep the critters out! We also enclosed a bedroom by adding a drop ceiling and also fixed her bathroom door. Whoa! What an awesome day to serve people and bring glory to our Father! Looking forward to the rest of the week!

Day 5, April 10

Today was a bit wet at times, with showers off and on during the morning. In the first part of the day today, our teams continued to work in the community.

One group finished framing up the roof and will complete the project tomorrow! Edna (the homeowner) is very excited! The other group worked on the home of a very nice couple. We were able to closed a second story living area and adjusted metal roofing to fit the roof properly. 50 bags of rice were given out to the community along with John 3:16 cards written in Spanish.

We took part of the afternoon to take in some local sights in PR. We went to Old San Juan and walked around the old fort, Castillo San Felipe del Morro, and picked up some souvenirs.

Looking to wrapping up our projects tomorrow, sharing God’s love with those around us, then heading back to Florida Friday!!

Can’t believe our week is done! If we could have, I think we would stay another week! Both teams returned to the same place today to finish up projects. We finish paneling, repaired and/or replaced roofs and fixed odds and ends! It has been so cool to be able to serve these people both physically and spiritually, and to watch and experience God move in the lives of our team! It was almost impossible for guys to share their story of Jesus rescuing them without getting a little teary-eyed! Our team will come home changed!

Thank you church (and wives) for supporting the manly men and praying for us while we were in Puerto Rico. It was an awesome week!