Breaking Bread Cafe

At Breaking Bread Café, we offer hot meals and uplifting conversation to our guests!  We have gathered every Tuesday and Thursday evening for the past year, and we have seen the Lord work in so many wonderful ways!  We love the relationships that have been built and the milestones we've been able to celebrate!  From birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, salvations and baptisms, it has been an exciting year!  Whether you'd like to be our guest or you would like to serve, you can find out all of the information you need to know below!

Guests = Neighbors

We work hard to make sure that Breaking Bread Café is a safe and friendly environment for the whole family!  Doors open at 5:30 for guests to be registered and given a table number.  Once you're at your table you'll be served an appetizer, dinner and dessert!  Each night you'll hear a short video or encouraging message, and the children have their own time at KidsZone!  We hope you'll join us.  We would love to get to know you!

Volunteer Positions:

Thank you for your desire to serve your community!  We depend on the church body to keep this ministry effective!  Our desire is not to offer a soup kitchen, but a dinner experience where our guests sit with at least one church member that will talk with them and offer encouragement if needed!   There are many different areas to volunteer in and details for each are given below.  Please note that because of the nature of this ministry and our desire to guarantee a safe environment for the precious families that the Lord has entrusted us with, we are only able to allow those that we know (our church members) to serve within Breaking Bread Café and we require each volunteer to sign a background check authorization form.  If you have any questions, please contact the Missions Office.  

Front of House Volunteers:

Volunteers are responsible for setting up each table with the provided table runner, number, napkins, sugar caddy, salt & pepper, etc.  Volunteers will also set up the tea & water station and the volunteer & guest registration tables.  Volunteers are asked to arrive at Breaking Bread Café at 4:30pm and stay until 7:30; however, if you're not able to commit to the entire time but want serve, you are welcome to come at 6:00 to help deliver plates to our guests!  This is a big job in itself and volunteers are extremely appreciated!


Greeters are so very important as they are the first ones our guests come in contact with!  Greeters stand at the door and welcome each guest in, directing them to the registration table to get their table assignment.  Greeters are asked to arrive at 5:15 and stay until 6:30 after guests are welcomed into the dinner room.


These are the 2nd volunteers that our guests come in contact with!  Sign-In Hosts are responsible for registering each guest by asking them to fill out a form with their names and how many are in their party.  Hosts then assign the individual or party to a table and give them a table number ticket to let them know where to go.  It's important that Sign-In Hosts are friendly and welcoming!  Volunteers are asked to arrive before 5:15 and stay until 6:30.

Dinner Preperation

Volunteers will assist Mrs. Frankie in making dinner by cutting and preparing vegetables, cutting bread, preparing salads, filling salad dressing bottles, etc.  These volunteers will also prepare the plates and deliver them to each table.  If needed, volunteers may also be asked to help in organizing donations, stocking, dating foods, rotating stock, etc.  Volunteers are asked to arrive at Breaking Bread Café at 3:30pm and can expect to leave around 7:30pm after clean-up is complete.  Please wear closed-toe shoes and pull long hair into ponytail.

Table Host

Table Hosts are the volunteers that get the most interaction with our amazing guests!  Table Hosts are responsible for checking in at the registration table to find out which table they will be hosting that evening.  Table Hosts then pray over their tables; before the doors open we have a group time for announcements.  When guests arrive at your table you will ask them what they'd like to drink and then sit with them throughout the remainder of dinner!  The appetizer (usually salad or bread) is already on the table and the dinner plates and dessert will be brought to your table by the Front of House volunteers.  The only time you'll need to leave your guests is if they need a drink refill.  Table Hosts are extremely important, so we've made it as easy as possible!  Your biggest job is to have uplifting conversation with the guests.  You're encouraged to look for opportunities to share about your faith, your testimony, and to pray for your guests.  We offer a great meal, but our main purpose is to make sure our guests know about Jesus and be given the opportunity to follow Him!