Nursery + Preschool

We help little ones learn about God’s love at the very start of their faith journey! Created for children from birth through age five, we offer classroom activities, curriculum, conversations, and prayers that will nurture this special time of foundational growth in your child. We use every opportunity to instill three truths in little ones. God made you and everything around you, Jesus loves you and wants to be your friend forever, Jesus wants you to love others. We know this is a special time of physical, social, and spiritual development in the life of your child. We want to nurture every aspect of their growth to help them learn about Jesus and His special plan for their lives!



Our ministry for first through fifth graders presents fun, innovative ways to instill essential truths from God’s Word, foster healthy fellowship between peers, and build prayer and Bible study habits that will last a lifetime. Through every activity and interaction, we build these core values to equip children for life; I can make wise choices, I can treat others as they want to be treated, I can trust God no matter what. Our experienced teachers and dedicated volunteers are privileged to partner with you to nurture a growing relationship with Jesus in your child!